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You can be a dickhead no matter your race, religion or sexuality.

I read an article on FB recently where the Women’s March was described as being ‘a sea of alabaster faces’ where there was not enough representation in the crowd of black or transgender women.
Well. I mean. No-one said to me ‘oh, you should go to the march, because you’re white!’ Those who went because we felt strongly about the ultimate cause of women’s inequality in all its forms. The speakers I saw were a total mix of ethnicity, sexuality and background. If people didn’t come, that’s not the fault of the people who went.
Not every single thing has to be a fight. Some things are allowed to be unifying. Here is an article which explains exactly what white privilege is and how we are all inherently racist without using intentionally divisive statements like ‘All white people are evil’. Being inflammatory doesn’t make you look more intelligent.
There is a growing trend of being divisive, and confusing sympathy and empathy. To deny empathy – to deny someone being able to say ‘I feel empathy for this’ simply because they are not the same colour as you and therefore don’t deserve any form of emotive reaction – is a strange choice. Denying someones emotional reaction to your story only shuts the door. What do you want? How is it you think you are going to get it? The usual follow-up argument that ‘You’re facing the oppression that we have faced, and that’s why you’re uncomfortable!’ is childish. Calling white women bitches is not the same as standing up for your own incredibly important and complicated cause. Racism and ingrained social inequality is much bigger than you calling me a bitch over the internet.
I remember when I was in school assembly, we frequently had to read aloud this passage from the bible that (paraphrasing) said ‘I am weak. I am evil. I do not deserve God’s love. I do not deserve God’s forgiveness. I am a failure in the eyes of the Lord’. Bearing in mind I was 10 years old, this was some pretty heavy stuff to take on. I just wanted to be helpful, be a decent person and eat nutella. I feel the equivalent way today when I read the accusatory articles.
White people are privileged over other racial groups. We will never face the same level of ingrained social oppression that faces others. The world is built around a system that promotes straight white people. This is wrong, and we all need to consciously work towards a level of equality where no-one is prejudiced because of their ethnicity, race, sexual orientation or social status. The only way of doing that is by education, embracing of all cultures and colours and standing up for inequality in all its forms – both on an individual and large scale basis.
That’s the end of it.
Also the featured image was a really good cat I saw yesterday.
That’s the end of it.

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